One of the original Apple 1s, and one of very few in pristine condition. Taken at Christies in London earlier this year, when it was being auctioned. Sold for something like £150K I think, to a colourful Italian whose brother owned a computer museum. Steve Wozniac was there too and I interviewed him for APTN. Lovely guy. Too bad I don’t have the video because he spoke about Steve Jobs. Was glowing about him and didn’t appear to have any hard feelings about the fact Jobs did a lot better out of what was mostly Woz’s creation than Woz himself did. Very nice guy and a fabulous bit of computing history. Must have touched some tecchie nerve with the reporters & (less surprising) camera crews there too, because everyone was genuinely excited to see it.

Most people buying them had wooden cases made for them, which is one reason why there are so few pristine originals left, but in its box-fresh form it was just a board like this. Note how slim, and beautifully illustrated, the manual is. Classic Apple philosophy right from the start.

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